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Tweets of the Night: Baylor 56, SMU 21

The best that social media had to offer about a season-opening win for the Bears.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Social media rarely disappoints in Baylor games, and after each win, I try to memorialize some of the best Tweets here on ODB for all to see. The idea here isn't to get a holistic picture of the game, but rather identify those tweets that were particularly funny, poignant, or memorable for whatever reason.

Let's get right to it.  Submit your own favorites in the comments by snagging the embed code from Twitter and just pasting it into the text box.

Oftentimes, I'll try to do this chronologically to tell the story of the game through tweets.  Not tonight.  Tonight, I'm starting with what was a transcendent Twitter event for a few minutes after these guys lost their minds trying to figure out how SMU didn't score any points to end the first half.

Twitter had a lot of fun with them, as you might expect.

There are PLENTY more, but I'll spare you. Back to the game:

Ubben was on fire. I feel like he's really finding his Twitter voice.  Speaking of that Stidham toss:

That's REAL nice.

Dude is wicked smaht.

This was early, before the Troubling Times in the second quarter.

Just going to throw that out there...

This was after the Troubling Times passed and Baylor became Baylor again.

So was this.


And finally this. I didn't actually realize this happened at the time, but it makes sense when you consider we ran 6 plays in the second quarter. 6.

UPDATE: I'm adding this because it's hilarious.