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Baylor DE Shawn Oakman AND S Orion Stewart Suspended for SMU Game

Undisclosed violations of team rules, apparently, that will cost each of them a game.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A few minutes ago, Bleacher Reports' Jason King tweeted that Shawn Oakman will miss tomorrow's game against SMU. Then, he tweeted the following:

The fact that it's a one-game suspension for both is obviously good, but having to play without them, even against SMU, is obviously not.

Baylor has a couple of options to replace Oakman in K.J. Smith and Brian Nance, but not having Stewart is arguably a bigger problem.  There, we'll probably have to turn to two guys I just previewed tonight: Taion Sells or Terrence Singleton.  Neither is a wonderful solution to the problem at hand.

Considering it's reportedly just a one-game suspension for Stewart, I don't think this will change things for J.W. Ketchum, but you never know.

If we get more information about what allegedly happened, this is where it will go.

UPDATE: Confirmed.