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Baylor's Official 2015 Depth Chart vs. SMU

FINALLY! This changes ... well, nothing, really.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So I pulled this off a few minutes ago, and it appears to be legit based on the "2015" at the top and all that.

Baylor Depth Chart

Could take me a little bit to convert it into a more readable/usable format for our purposes, but there's not really a lot of note.  The highlights:

  • Taylor Young starts over Aiavion Edwards at OLB.
  • Grant Campbell starts over Raaquan Davis at MLB.
  • Ryan Reid starts over Tion Wright at CB.
  • Jarell Broxton starts over Desmine Hilliard at RG.
  • Jamal Palmer starts over K.J. Smith at DE.
  • Pat Colbert is your RT, and Blake Muir is your LG.
  • Corey Coleman returning punts.

So basically everything that I've been assuming would happen in my various Position Previews, happened, and nothing here makes me look like a tremendous idiot aside from my general history.  Thanks, Baylor!

Like I said, give me a bit to transform this into the format we normally use.  Until then, enjoy!