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Rice Game In Gifs

Hiedy Ho ODB Nation! It's time again for a wacky analysis of our game against the wise Rice owls.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Please indulge me as I first post some pictures from the BNT/daddingo unofficial tailgate.  I loved meeting those who came, BU05 and family, Fab03 and family, the man with no name, and others.

The view from the suite was sweet (see what I did there).

Most of the gang...loved having some future bears there to learn proper tailgating techniques from me.

I was invited to hang out with Rice alumni and students at the best named tailgate (I'll let you try to guess from their sign) at the stadium as well.  They quickly ran out of adult beverages, so I quickly moved on.  Also, the guy next to me looked like he was giving a gig 'em, so there's that.

Now on to the GIFs

Rice fans feeling confident after the 1st Quarter ended 0-0

Watching our young receivers on the field at times looked like this

But watching KD more than make up for it as he torched the Rice secondary looked like this

When Mrs. BNT and I realized Shock set a new BU rushing record

When the game ends and you celebrate the victory with fellow BU fans around you

When you're sitting in the bar social spot with friends after the game and realize the innocent picture you tweeted of your row mate, Art Briles,

was picked up by the national media


Ok, now it's your turn!