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Baylor Uniforms: White-White-Green and #StillwaterStrong

Baylor's uniforms have been announced, and the helmets will sport a Kneeling Cowboy decal in support of #StillwaterStrong.

Jeff Barlow

This afternoon Jeff Barlow confirmed the uniform combination in his usual manner - tweeting a picture of the full uniform. White helmets, white jerseys, green pants. It's a combination that I'm not sure we've ever worn before. Here's the tweet:

Earlier this morning, the official Twitter account tweeted out that the white helmets that the Bears will don will be sporting a special decal in support of #StillwaterStrong. Here's a look at the back of the helmet with the specialized decal:

#StillwaterStrong is the movement that took shape in the wake of the devastating tragedy that struck during the Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade on October 24 when an out of control vehicle crashed into the parade route. Four parade attendees lost their lives, including the two year old son of an Oklahoma State chemical engineering student. The outpouring of support from all sides regardless of school affiliation has been tremendous. Bears can still take part in providing assistance to those that were injured and are coping with the tragedy. This also came from the official football account; click the link in the tweet to give money to the only official #StillwaterStrong foundation:

Like I said, support has come from all over in the wake of this tragedy. One of my favorite gestures of solidarity came the week after the tragedy when Oklahoma State went to Lubbock to face Texas Tech. Tech's normal slogan is "Wreck 'em," clearly comparable to our "Sic 'em." Tech athletics made a concerted effort to suspend the usage of the slogan for the week of the Oklahoma State game, and the efforts were met with widespread support. By all accounts, the efforts were successful and Red Raider faithful who attended the game did their university proud.

What do you think about the uniform combination? Let us know in the comments.