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Baylor Bears @ Oklahoma State Cowboys 2015

Tweets of the Night: Baylor 45, Okie State 35

Buckle up, Baylor fans. This could be our biggest Tweets post yet.

Baylor Breaks the Stillwater Curse 45-35

The defense played its best game of the year by far, the offense put up 700 yards, and CHRIS JOHNSON led the Bears to their first win in Stillwater in 76 years.

Halftime in Stillwater: Baylor 24, OSU 14

The Baylor Bears shot out of the cannon fast and held on for a double-digit halftime lead in Stillwater.

GAME THREAD: Bears vs. Cowboys

It's time. Baylor vs. Oklahoma State in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State -- GAME DAY

Baylor is on the road in a place we haven't won since before the Second World War, but we ain't scurred.

Oklahoma State Uniform: White-White-Green

Baylor's uniforms have been announced, and the helmets will sport a Kneeling Cowboy decal in support of #StillwaterStrong.

Featured Fanshot

Baylor Wearing White Helmets with Kneeling Cowboy

In honor of those lost in OSU's homecoming tragedy.

Featured Fanshot

Briles: Stidham WILL PLAY in Saturday's game vs. Oklahoma State **UPDATED**

Forget the other stuff, I guess.

Pbpope Rides Solo on the Podcast

Peter takes to the podcast airwaves solo to recap Oklahoma and look ahead to Oklahoma State

Advanced Stats: Baylor vs. Oklahoma State

How the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State game shapes up according to Football Outsiders' Advanced Stats

First Look: Oklahoma State

Time to take our first look at the next opponent on the Bears' slate: The Oklahoma State Cowboys

Meet the Press: Oklahoma State Cowboys

New week, new opponent. To Stillwater and the Oklahoma State Cowboys we go. Briles is talking about it today, and so are we.

Featured Fanshot

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State set for 6:30 PM Kickoff on FOX

So there's that, too.