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UPDATED — Baylor QB Seth Russell Carted Off the Field in Norman

No, I’m not going to show it to you. Yes, it was horrific.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In case you aren’t watching the game, senior QB Seth Russell was just carted off the field in Norman with a serious lower leg injury. The Oklahoma players and fans were predictably classy in celebrating Seth as a person and player.

Please don’t post any Vines or gifs of the injury. Trust me when I say that nobody needs to see it. I’m not even sure I’d have been conscious after it, much less high-fiving guys around me while sitting on a cart.

This post will be a placeholder for additional news about Seth’s injury as we get it. Prayers up for Seth right now as he deals with a second major injury in the last two years.

UPDATE #1: Baylor says the preliminary indications are a dislocated ankle per the below. No x-ray yet, though.