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Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Kansas State

It's Monday, and that means we're overflowing with Big 12 conference call and Meet the Press info.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Let's get right to it with the Big 12 Teleconference, which seems like a great opportunity for the coaches to get on the phone and talk about how awesome their teams are.

Big 12 Teleconference:

Firstly, there's this:

So we won't know when/on what channel we play OU until Saturday or Sunday. Awesome!

And they like it, I'm sure.

Sounds like the beginning to a very heartfelt note.

That's almost certainly true. But if you lose ...

Now that's interesting.

Twitter Feeds:

As always, the respective Twitter feeds of the two schools, starting with KSU:

And Baylor...

Briles Presser Set for 1 PM:

That'll be fun.