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Baylor Bears @ Kansas State Wildcats 2015

Tweets of the Night: Baylor Jarrett Stidhams KSU

It's late, but the Tweets don't sleep.

Final Score: Baylor 31, Kansas State 24

Jarrett Stidham put up amazing numbers in his first start, but the defense ... the defense has some problems. This one isn't going to win any style points.

Featured Fanshot

Watch Corey Coleman's 20th TD of the season vs. KSU

Halftime in Manhattan: Baylor leads KSU 21-7

This is your second-half thread.

Baylor vs. Kansas State -- Game Thread


Baylor's November Gauntlet: It's On Now!

Winter is coming and Baylor is ready. If you scared, go to church. It's on baby!

Baylor vs. Kansas State -- GAME DAY

Jarrett Stidham, the wunderkind, will make his first start for the Baylor Bears tonight on FS1. Today should be a good day.

Baylor vs. Kansas State ROLL CALL | How to Watch

In case you forgot somehow, Baylor plays tomorrow night against Kansas State in Kansas. Crazy, right?

Bears & Snydercats: By The Advanced Stats

Taking a look at what the Advanced Stats say about Baylor vs. K-State.

Featured Fanshot

Baylor Wearing Gold-White-Gold for Thursday vs. Kansas State

First Look: The Snydercats

Under 60 hours to go and we're taking our first look at Thursday's opponent: The Kansas State Wildcats.


New starting QB. The Purple Wizard of Manhattan. Nationwide TV exposure. Can you predict the correct final score?

Meet the Press: Baylor vs. Kansas State

It's Monday, and that means we're overflowing with Big 12 conference call and Meet the Press info.

Tepper Strikes Back on the Podcast

Greg Tepper, managing editor of Dave Campbell's Texas Football, returns to the podcast to talk about Jarrett Stidham and basically everything else you can imagine.

Baylor Opens -18.5 Over K-State

Vegas apparently doesn't believe the Baylor offense will suffer much without Seth Russell.

Wednesday Practice Report

The Bears are meeting with the media this afternoon and there are some hilarious and interesting things being said.