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Baylor Announces Green-White-Green for Big 12 Road Opener vs. Iowa State

If you like those green helmets and pants, YOU ARE IN LUCK.

Let's him them with the special sauce:

From the ODB archives, it appears this is the same uniform that Baylor wore in 2015 against Kansas and 2014 against Oklahoma.  The game in 2014 is particularly notable for the drive below, which is still one of my favorite things that has ever happened.  That drive helped set up an eventual 48-14 Baylor win.

PRETTY sure we have the rights to use that one, since Nick made it for us and we've used it before.

From the comments on previous posts, it appears that this is one of Baylor Nation's favorite road combinations.  At least it's not #StormTrooper, right?*

*I actually like StormTrooper, I'm just playing off the superstitious hatred for the white helmets our fanbase seemst o have.