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NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Vegas odds are out for this weekend and... Well, Tech opened as a one-point favorite over Kansas. As did Ohio State over Rutgers. Someone done messed up.

Baylor travels to Ames this weekend for an 11 am game. The line for that game opened at -17 and has stayed there. For the first Big 12 road game and playing an early game in a place where weird things are known to happen, I like this line. If Baylor plays like it did against Oklahoma State, the Bears should cover this easily. If they get off to a slow start and Ames things start to happen, the game could be closer. I’m optimistic, so give me Baylor to cover.

Other notable lines (open/current):

Kansas at Texas Tech (-1 (!!!) / -27)

UConn at Houston (-23 / -24.5)

Stanford at Washington (-3 / -3.5)

Rutgers at Ohio State (-1 (!!!) / -37)

Louisville at Clemson (-3 / -2)

Navy at Air Force (-10.5 / -9 (Go Air Force!) )

Rice at SMU (-20.5 / -21)

Tennessee at Georgia (+4 / +3.5)

Texas at Oklahoma State (-3 / -3.5)

Oklahoma at TCU (Pick ‘em / Pick ‘em)

Missouri at LSU (-14 / -14) - And LSU just fired Les Miles...

Kansas State at West Virginia (-6.5 / -5.5)