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Tweets of the Day: Baylor 45, Iowa State 42

Volume 2 of the 2016 edition of Tweets is here after Baylor's comeback win over Iowa State in Ames.

There many not be as many Tweets for this list as in past weeks, but there are some good ones.

This isn't actually about Baylor except to the extent we were playing college football on a Saturday. Good place to start, though.

This could basically sum up the first three quarters, where Baylor allowed TD drives on six ISU possessions in a row. I even called the game on Twitter.

And stated clearly what Baylor had to do to win.

And then...

They did it.

I didn't actually see this during the game. Apparently, Mattisbear is offering some kind of reward to find out who "Baylor Lautner" is.

TCU tried to make this 3-130 (or whatever the loss number would have been by that time), but they couldn't do it. Baylor made it 2 wins, though.

Matt Leinart actually said this in the post-game, and I was shocked to hear it. I'd never put it together like that through the first four games. Craig Smoak did, though...

What a performance by Shock Linwood. You just can't say enough about the spark he gave this team when they needed it most.

Tee hee...

Because Baylor won. #SicEm