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Baylor Bookstore Releases Officially-Licensed NIL Apparel, Including Replica Jerseys

Have you ever wanted to own a Craig “Sqwirl” Williams shirsey/jersey? Now you can.

Albany v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

We’ve talked before on here about how Baylor seems to be testing the NIL waters, so to speak, following in the footsteps of others by trying various NIL initiatives, such as a marketplace. The latest effort is one embraced by other schools across the country already: officially-licensed NIL apparel. Yes, all of us mere fans will soon be able to order replica jerseys of participating players, a portion of the proceeds of which will go to that player on behalf of their name, image, and likeness (their NIL). From Baylor’s release:

Athletes who have elected to participate in this group licensing NIL opportunity have a shirsey available for online order now, while those who opt-in at a later date will be added to the collection. Additionally, all athletes participating in the program will soon have a Nike replica jersey available for online purchase and on-demand delivery.

The release then includes a list of the players that have opted in to participate (a list that I expect to see grow if this takes off), including Craig “Sqirl” Williams (#0), Matt Jones (#2), Ben Sims (#8), Blake Shapen (#12), Connor Galvin (#76) and many more. I can only assume Siaki Ika has not opted to participate because he does not want to put his teammates to shame by selling so many jerseys. In the meantime, since neither he nor Kyron Drones are available, I might opt for a Jaxon Player (#90) so that I can have a jersey that says “PLAYER” across the back. Shirseys are available in green, gold, and white. Curious what jerseys others might select from the list!