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Staff Update: Baylor Reportedly Hiring LSU Strength Coach, Former NFL WR to Coach Receivers

If you’re going to poach people, LSU and Clemson are good places to start.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

As has been rumored all day, Colt Barber of SicEm365 is officially reporting that Baylor is hiring LSU Senior Associate Strength and Conditioning Coach (meaning he was not THE strength coach) Vic Viloria as our new Strength & Conditioning Coach, a role that he seems particularly well suited for based on looks alone:

Viloria has been at LSU since 2018, when he moved over from SMU after just one year on the Hilltop. Prior to that he was the head Strength & Conditioning Coach for FSU from 2010-2017, including FSU’s national championship run in 2013. It’s unknown (at least to me) whether Viloria’s departure from FSU had anything to do with being charged with a DUI in 2016, but the fact that Baylor is willing to hire him now shows that they must be comfortable with what he’s done personally and professionally since then.

Welcome to Baylor, Coach Viloria!

Colt is also reporting that Baylor has poached former NFL WR Chansi Stuckey from Dabo Swinney’s staff at Clemson to be our new WR coach under new OC Jeff Grimes. Stuckey spent five years in the NFL, ending up with the Arizona Cardinals, and was an offensive player development coach at Clemson (his alma mater). This will be his first position coach gig as far as I can tell, so I’m guessing the primary draw here is as a recruiter, though his NFL experience probably doesn’t hurt. I’ll see if I can’t find more information about his role at Clemson, including what, if any, impact he had on recruiting.

Welcome to Baylor, Coach Stuckey!

If you want to follow either of our new hires on Twitter, you can do so @vic_viloria and @ChansiStuckey. With Viloria and Stuckey in the fold, new OC Jeff Grimes taking TEs, Bell elevated to QB coach, Justin Johnson (hopefully?) remaining as RB coach, and Wickline officially out as OL coach, we have just one opening remaining on the main staff at OL. My guess is we will find out quickly who will take that all-important spot, although with his background, I expect Grimes will be heavily involved there.