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Staff Update: Baylor Officially Hires BYU OC Jeff Grimes as New Offensive Coordinator

Grimes was a 2020 finalist for the Broyles Award given to the nation’s top assistant coach.

BYU v Houston Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

It’s official—Baylor has a new offensive coordinator, and he comes to us fresh off a top-10 offensive season at BYU in scoring offense (3rd), total offense (7th), passing offense (8th), OFEI (4th), and virtually every other advanced statistic you can find. Of particular note is that BYU’s OL was 5th in passing down line yards, 9th in sack rate, and 5th in pass downs sack rate, all of which befit Grimes’s history as a OL coach at various stops including Auburn and LSU before he became OC for BYU in 2018. Here’s the tweet and article from Baylor:

Grimes has been one of the favorites of Baylor message boards over the last couple of weeks largely due to BYU’s success, his history as a OL coach, and his overlapping with Aranda for two (?) years at LSU. So far the immediate reactions have been overwhelmingly positive about this hire.

In addition to the hire of Grimes as OC/TE coach, Baylor announced it will elevate Shawn Bell, current TE coach, to be the new QB coach. That leaves WR and possibly OL (if Wickline does not return) as open spots along with S&C, which isn’t really an offensive position but is important, nonetheless. Congratulations to Shawn on his promotion!

We’ll have more discussion of this hire as we go forward, and there may be more announcements today about other vacancies. There are rumors going around that we may see more things become official today, as it is apparent that Mack Rhoades and his staff have been working to get as many pieces of the puzzle together as possible.

Welcome to Baylor, Coach Grimes!