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Podcast 210: Farewell, Matt Rhule

Coffey, Fank & Pope say farewell to Coach Matt Rhule, share their initial reactions and discuss potential head coach replacements for Baylor Football.

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Baylor Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

A little over three years ago, Fank, Mark and I took to the podcast to recap the introductory press conference of Baylor’s new head coach, Matt Rhule. To those paying close attention the hire seemed to have come out of left field because the then-Temple coach was not on many people’s radar, and AD Mack Rhoades did such a good job keeping the hiring process close to the vest. The hire was universally acclaimed, and we quickly fell in love with our new coach and his “process.” In the intervening time, the Bears have seen tough times in the shape of a 1-11 season, but also a return to prominence, winning a bowl game in 2018, going 11-3 in 2019 and earning a spot both in the Big 12 Championship Game and the Sugar Bowl. The podcast also saw a changing of the guard, welcoming Coffey to the ranks as a regular co-host. It’s been a special ride.

Now we say goodbye to Matt Rhule as he heads to the NFL to be the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers, and we’re talking about our visceral reactions, reactions of players and recruits, the situation that took Rhule to the NFL, plus a look at potential head coaches Baylor may look towards to fill Rhule’s shoes. Here’s a breakdown with approximate timestamps:

  • 2:44: Initial reactions
  • 13:06: Player & Recruit Reactions
  • 15:58: Panthers, not Giants
  • 23:28: Mack Rhoades & Coaching Hires
  • 26:22: Joey McGuire?
  • 39:28: External hire options
  • 45:54: Thank You, Matt Rhule
  • 48:14: NOLA Talk

We’ll be back soon after we know who our next head coach will be. Enjoy, and SicEm forever.

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