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Thursday Afternoon Update: Baylor Reportedly Steals Jorge Munoz from LSU; Mims and Hasty Show Out at Senior Bowl; Prince in the Portal

I thought about bringing back the DBR for this one, but I didn’t want to set expectations too high.

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl Practice Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

The last few days have been dominated by a lot of speculation and rumor and a little bit of news about how Dave Aranda is building his coaching and support staff in Waco. On Tuesday we found out that ULaLa DC Ron Roberts was coming over to fill the same position at Baylor. He was out recruiting in Baylor gear today with Aranda, Shawn Bell, and the next guy on my list here ... On Wednesday we found out that fan-favorite Joey McGuire was going to stay on with Baylor in an as-yet undisclosed capacity (but that I really think is going to be very similar to his Associate HC/DL coach role under Rhule) and that Vince Guinta from Oregon State would be coming.

And today, though we’re still waiting to find out who our actual offensive coordinator will be, we found out through Bruce Feldman and David Smoak that the rumors are true: LSU offensive analyst Jorge Munoz will be joining Baylor’s coaching staff, probably as WR coach and possibly as passing-game coordinator. Feldman confirmed the report initially, then Smoak confirmed Feldman’s confirmation and filled his afternoon slate with people talking about Munoz in segments that are definitely worth a listen. I know there’s still a bit of concern out there that this might not be a “done deal,” but if Feldman and Smoak are saying it is, that’s enough for me.

And here are those guests, Steve Barrows (who coached with Munoz), Michael Waldie (same), and Feldman himself:

If you don’t want to listen to all of that, here’s a couple of quotes from Waldie about what we’re getting in Munoz:

That’s impressive stuff, to say the least, and as I said above I expect that he will ultimately be the WR coach and passing-game coordinator, although he might coach QBs. We just don’t know yet. If you want to throw Munoz a follow, you can do so at @CoachMunoz13.

I’ve always been told to use the sandwich approach with good-bad-good news, so I’ll go with the bad now. OL Prince Pines, who started 4 games this past season and played in all or nearly all of them and was expected to compete for a starting job this season, has entered the transfer portal, my favorite thing named in a way that makes it sound a lot more mysterious and fantastic than it actually is. I’d note that this does not necessarily mean that Prince actually will transfer; guys put their names on and then remain where they are from time to time. But the chances of that aren’t that great, and his departure will, at the very least, hurt our depth on what was easily the worst unit on the team this past season.

It will be interesting to see what happens if/when Baylor hires and announces an actual OL coach, since I don’t expect that Shawn Bell will continue in that role going forward. Will the new coach be able to convince Pines to stay? I have no idea. Maybe. I hope he gets the chance.

And now for the second “good” part of the sandwich—in case you haven’t been following on Twitter, two former Baylor players have been having good weeks at the Senior Bowl in practice. WR Denzel Mims, in particular, has blown up on social media and impressed scouts and onlookers alike. A few of the better comments about him:

That’s just a few. I could post more. Along with Mims, RB JaMycal Hasty, long one of my favorite players on the roster, has also been impressive:

It’s fantastic to see former Bears doing things at the Senior Bowl and helping to secure their futures. Sic ‘em, Denzel and JaMycal!

One more thing—I’ve been seriously considering bringing back the running monthly recruiting threads that I used to do since our coaches are out on the road and there is so much information. It’s almost too much to put into a thread like this or to just throw into the comments. If I can get some time together to do it, be on the lookout for that.