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Big 12 Media Days -- Matt Rhule Press Conference

New Baylor head coach Matt Rhule takes the podium at 11:15 AM this morning.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

About a year ago, most of the CFB world tuned in to see Baylor interim head coach Jim Grobe take his turn at Big 12 Media Days after one of the more tumultuous offseasons in the history of the sport. In less than an hour, new head coach Matt Rhule will ascend the dais for the first time. We’ll track the action here in the comments and, if I can find a stream, watch it together.

UPDATE: Apparently you can watch on the Fox Sports Go app, if that’s available to you.

ALSO: See below.

A few other tweets from the morning:

It’ll be interesting to see how the reporters handle the Q&A section of the event today with Rhule. Do they focus entirely on the scandal and Rhule’s reaction/how Baylor is moving forward, or do we get something about how the team actually looks going into this year? We won’t know until we get there, but we can be reasonably sure of one thing: Rhule is going to represent us well.