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Matt Rhule to Join ESPN’s MegaCast for CFP National Championship

Baylor’s new head coach will take some time on Monday night to sit in on the ESPN’s Coaches Film Room on ESPNNews

AAC Championship - Temple v Navy Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

ESPN has announced its MegaCast production for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, and new head coach Matt Rhule will be involved in the broadcast.

In case you’ve forgotten or you’ve been living under a rock, ESPN pulls out all the stops for the National Championship Game, devoting most of its channels to different aspects of the game, whether it be the traditional telecast, a "homers telecast" (which, how do you have just one homers telecast? Aren’t there two teams playing?), one channel just featuring Paul Finebaum, and, of course, the "Coaches Film Room." You can see the full lineup of broadcasts and presentations at this link at ESPN Media Zone.

This year, Coach Rhule will be joining several other coaches in the film room, providing detailed breakdowns of plays and analysis, this year with limited interruptions! I like the sound of that. Here’s the full description from the site linked above:

Coaches Film Room Features Five Coaches; Forgoes Most Commercial Breaks

The popular Coaches Film Room (ESPNEWS) is back with a new wrinkle: Limited commercial breaks. During some breaks in the action on the other networks, ESPNEWS will stay with the Bristol, Conn., based production as the coaches provide in-depth analysis from a film room equipped with multiple camera angles, clicker technology and telestration – like last year during this Deshaun Watson TD throw.

This year’s coaches include:

  • Dino Babers (Syracuse)
  • PJ Fleck (Western Michigan)
  • Mark Helfrich (former Oregon head coach)
  • Mike MacIntrye (Colorado)
  • Matt Rhule (Baylor)

Brian Griese, ESPN college football analyst and national championship winning quarterback with Michigan (1997), joins the coaches to add his insight.

Additional coaches may be added

I can’t say that I’ve spent much time watching the alternate coverage that ESPN provides, but the promise of limited commercial interruptions plus the inclusion of Coach Rhule means that I will likely park myself on ESPN News during the broadcast. Having both he and PJ Fleck on the broadcast should make for some entertaining viewing.

Have you taken advantage of ESPN’s bonus coverage before? What’s your favorite part?