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Staff Update: Baylor Officially Hires 5 More Coaches, Including 3 Coordinators

Matt Rhule’s coaching staff at Baylor is officially taking shape.

Motel 6 Cactus Bowl - Baylor v Boise State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Barring more recruiting news that could break at any moment, the big news of the day today will likely be the official hiring by Baylor of five more coaches for our coaching staff, including the long-awaited hire of Phil Snow as defensive coordinator and the official announcements of our co-offensive coordinators Matt Lubick and Jeff Nixon.

If you want to read Baylor’s official release giving much more background for each of the three above, as well as DL coach Elijah Robinson and OL coach George DeLeone, click here.

The way this breaks down will be very interesting to see, particularly on offense. There, Baylor has opted to go with Co-OCs, both of whom have experience running the Oregon/Chip Kelly spread option. Ian Boyd wrote about what that could mean for us here, and I highly recommend you read it.

Beyond scheme, it will also be interesting to see where all of these guys fit. The NCAA has approved and will soon allow each school to have ten assistant football coaches at the D1/FBS level. That’s up from nine that we were allowed to have before. With Baylor’s hires of co-OCs, that’s two slots taken up by guys that I would also expect, given their backgrounds, to work with the following position groups:

Co-OC/Wide Receivers: Matt Lubick
Co-OC/Running Backs: Jeff Nixon
Quarterbacks: UNKNOWN
Offensive Line: George DeLeone (confirmed)
Tight Ends: UNKNOWN

The two unknowns are obviously quarterbacks, where Mack Rhoades reportedly said yesterday that Rhule has yet to make a hire, and tight ends, where you might actually see former Cedar Hill HC Joey McGuire make his collegiate coaching debut. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.

On defense, things are much more solid since we just hired Temple’s entire defensive staff to serve beneath DC Phil Snow:

DL: Elijah Robinson
LB: Mike Siravo
DBs: Francis Brown

Keen observers will note that with the four defensive coaches listed and five offensive slots listed, that’s only nine coaches where I already said we could have ten. Your guess is as good as mine about where we go with that other slot or when.

Notably absent from the lists I put together above are David Wetzel, who I expect to be in a more administrative role for Baylor going forward, and Shawn Bell, whose role is completely up in the air. When we know more about what that role might be, as well as how other things are starting to come together, you’ll know.