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Floyd Casey Is No More

All we have left now are memories of the 64 years that Baylor football called it home

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Floyd Casey Stadium met its end this morning as the press box on the west side of the stadium and the seating areas directly below it were imploded despite a heavy Central Texas thunderstorm. There were reportedly somewhere around 100 people that came out to watch the demolition, and since this is 2016 and we have these things called smart phones, there's already lots of videos of it and other social media tributes!

Several angles of the implosion from people that witnessed it:

Some AMAZING camera work in The Case's final hour.

A shoutout from its longtime tenant.

Thanks for the memories, Floyd Casey. You were one of a kind. You were never the most aesthetically appealing stadium, but you were ours. Our stadium that generations of Baylor fans called home for 64 years, some good, some bad, and some Steele-esque. But today, we choose to remember the good!