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Floyd Casey Stadium Demolition Scheduled for Saturday

The home of Baylor football from 1950-2013 is in its final days

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Floyd Casey Stadium, the home of Baylor football for 64 years, will be put to rest on Saturday morning according to the Waco Tribune-Herald. Demolition crews from Lloyd D. Nabors Construction have been slowly bringing down The Case over the last few months and now all that remains is the press box and the stands directly below it on the west side of the stadium.

The final implosion was actually scheduled to take place on Thursday morning but was postponed by the implosion contractor due to a faulty cable line. It will now take place on Saturday morning at 7:00 AM. So if you are in Waco on Saturday morning and are awaken by a loud bang, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

Baylor football of course now plays its home games in the sparkling on-campus gem that is McLane Stadium. McLane has been a game changer for Baylor University and has helped to elevate the football program to new heights. But we can’t forget the memories that were made at Floyd Casey, including the Miracle on the Brazos, a Heisman Trophy winning throw, and conference championships in 1974, 1980 and 2013. This place is forever a part of Baylor football lore.

Thanks for the memories, old friend.