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Tweets of the Day (So Far): Matt Rhule's Intro Presser

The minister-coach put on a show for his new fans and team.


I know everyone says that their coach "won" the press conference, and nobody can remember a coach that didn't.  I know I'm probably going to sound like a tremendous homer (because I am one).  But that was a fairly incredible performance by new Head Football Coach Matt Rhule in what is probably a true introduction (in that most had never heard him speak before) to a big portion of Baylor Nation.  With the cadence of a minister that had a few too many cups of coffee (in a good way!), Rhule enthralled Baylor Nation with a clear purpose the likes of which we haven't had in half a year: to rebuild Baylor Football and win national championships. I don't know if he can do it given the hand he's been dealt here, but I damn sure know he's going to make us proud in trying.  I'm also sure that Baylor needed someone special to come in and help a divided fanbase heal.  We got it.

Before I get to the Tweets you're all here to see, an announcement: we're going to be recording a podcast tonight to discuss this hire, and if there are any questions you'd like answered, please put them in this thread.

NOT A RHULE TWEET, I KNOW, but a fitting start.

There's a video of this coming up in later tweets. Just wait.

He talked a bit about his plans for offense, saying that he was taught to fit your scheme to your players by Tom Coughlin. He used the word "dynamic" several times.


I choose to view this as a direct calling out of MattisBear.

Another thing he talked about repeatedly: attention to detail. Be purposeful in everything you do.

Before today, I'm guessing nobody had ever seen them in the same room at the same time, because they might be the same guy.


This was in response to a question about "Charlie Strong values," and it's been taken somewhat out of context. Rhule responded that he wasn't aware of Strong's particular values, so he didn't want to talk out of place. He then said that there were some things that are non-negotiable, these being among them.

I was a few minutes behind everyone else at this point.


No word that he didn't, so I will assume that he must have. Or he's recruiting. One of the two.

One of the best parts of watching the aftermath of the presser was seeing the reaction of various players/former players. I'll try to post a few.


There's that video I promised you.

That's in about 5 minutes. Watch if you can!

All I have for now. #SicEm!