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Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule Intro Presser and Running Updates

Baylor will introduce its new Head Coach at 4 PM today in the Ferrell Center. Until then, let’s hang out.

Kansas State v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

First and foremost, Baylor Nation will get an official opportunity to meet new Head Football Coach Matt Rhule today at 4 PM at the Ferrell Center. If you can be there, I’d highly suggest that you go. The event will be open to the public.

If you can’t, it appears that Baylor will stream the event online; however, knowing Baylor’s past history with streaming live events, I wouldn’t expect much. Other local news sources are probably going to be a better bet, and I’ll post whatever streams I can find either in this post or the comments. The @BUFootball account (and others, I’m sure) will also have updates from the event.

Until then, we have other news! It seems the Man of the Hour himself, Coach Rhule, arrived in Waco with his beautiful family a few minutes ago in preparation for today’s events.

It also seem as though he was accompanied (or will be shortly) by one Eljiah Robinson, his defensive line and defensive run-game coordinator from Temple. Robinson is a former 2-time Penn Stater — he played there in the early 2000s before suffering an injury that cut his career short and going into coaching. He joined Rhule in Temple in 2014 after previously coaching at Penn State, where he had been the defensive line coach, director of player personnel, and NFL liaison under Bill O’Brien. You can read more about Robinson from this tweet. He has a very inspiring story.

Robinson is the third confirmed member of the Temple staff to be joining Rhule at Baylor after Evan Cooper, the Director of Player Personnel (it means different things at different places, but Cooper appears to be the recruiting maestro for Rhule), and Sean Padden, Rhule’s Chief of Staff. I’ve also seen it reported, but not confirmed, that Rhule’s defensive coordinator, Phil Snow, will likely come to Baylor, too.

With Rhule now on the ground in Waco and a couple of hours before the press conference starts, it appears certain that the long-awaited players meeting will occur in the next few minutes. New coaches typically like to meet their players before the press conference for somewhat obvious reasons, and rumor has it that meeting will occur at 3.

I’ll update the thread with more information as it becomes available.