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Andrew Billings Declares for the NFL Draft

Billings makes his decision to enter the NFL Draft, declaring it through David Smoak and 1660 ESPN Radio.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly three years after appearing on 1660 ESPN Central Texas with David Smoak to announce his commitment to the Baylor Bears, All-American DT Andrew Billings once again utilized his relationship with Smoaky to declare that he will enter the 2016 NFL Draft. Billings issued a statement through Smoak and 1660 ESPN, which you can find in this link:

Billings thanks a long list of coaches, both present and former, for their training and guidance during his time at Baylor. He also states that he plans to continue to study part-time to earn his degree.

Given his performance this past season, this move comes as no shock to anyone who has been paying attention. I know I can speak for Mark in saying that this season we operated under the general assumption that he would be declaring for the Draft after the season ended, and here we are. That being said, his comments in December seemed to cast doubt on whether he would in fact go to the NFL after this season, and many believed that there was a very good chance that he would return to the Bears for another season.

I'm thrilled for him and expect that he'll continue to chase that "hamburger hamburger hamburger" at the next level (thank you for that, Prashanth. It never gets old). But, on a personal level, I'm surprised at how sad it makes me to know that we won't get one more year of seeing absolutely dominate the poor fools on the offensive line of basically everyone who enters McLane Stadium. It was a sheer joy to watch him absolutely maul his blocker on the way to tackling both the blocker AND the quarterback at the same time. His dominance was a truly rare treat.

Godspeed, Andrew. Go kill it in the NFL.