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Teammate Breaks Geno Smith's Jaw Making Bryce Petty the New #2 for the Jets

In one of the weirdest stories you'll probably ever see, it appears that Geno Smith will miss the next 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw after being sucker-punched by a teammate in the locker room.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There, I just told you basically the entire story.  Apparently, LB I.K. Enemkpali pulled a Clint Longley and cold-cocked Smith in the locker room, breaking his jaw in two places.  Smith will now have surgery and miss the next 6-10 weeks. Enemkpali has now been cut in the most predictable player transaction ever.

Why, you ask, is news about the Jets' QB situation appearing on a Baylor blog?  Well, the answer isn't that they wear a dashing shade of green.  It is that the new #2 now, with Smith out for the foreseeable future, is our own Bryce Petty.  With Ryan Fitzpatrick the new #1 in Smith's absence, Petty will now probably get the lion's share of the reps in the forthcoming preseason games, so the Jets can keep Fitzpatrick alive while Smith recuperates.

This news, while awful for Smith, is a mixed bag for Petty.  He's probably not ready to actually start NFL games, at least not yet, so the potential that he might be called upon to do so, should Fitzpatrick stink, may not be good news.  At the same time, he'll definitely get more reps in practice and those preseason games I mentioned, and that's definitely good.

We'll just have to see, I guess, how all this turns out for the former Baylor QB.  At least we know he looks good in green.

In case you were curious who the new #3 is for the Jets, it's none other than our old friend Jake Heaps!