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6.5 of the Best New Baylor Football Traditions

What is a half of a tradition, you ask? You'll see.

The opening of McLane Stadium this year led to a whole lot of new.  New atmosphere, new chairs, new green recruit room, new Big 12 Championship....I could go on.  One of the most exciting parts of last season was watching Baylor Nation really take ownership of our new casa and absolutely run with it.  From the Traditions Rally in August to hosting College GameDay in December to a monster truck rally (yes really) in May, McLane sure has seen a lot.

But back to traditions.

6.5 of the Best New Baylor Football Traditions

We Are Going to Win Sign

This sign is magic in and of itself.  Let's just be straight up.  The Lariat actually wrote about the history of this sign, which you can read about here, if you're interested.

(UPDATE 2:19 pm 7/6: I promise that Lariat article exists, but they are down for "summer maintenance" currently.  Lame!)

Fire Tunnel

Fire.  Football.  Nothing better.  #hyped4dayz


Yes, it's a real thing.  There's not a whole lot better than walking across the bridge to the stadium on a hot day and seeing fans in boats going up and down the river.  It's picturesque, and how many other football stadiums are built on the river?  (Hint: not a lot.  Tennessee's Neyland Stadium, but that's about it.)

Berm Squad

The Berm is an entity in and of itself.  And as such, it has spawned a unique group of supporters a la the Bear Pit.  If you find yourself in the Berm, don't fret; the Berm Squad is near!


Fireworks rock, and having them during games is equally awesome.  (Even if they're neither the screaming kind nor big enough you feel you're getting a hug from it.  That's what the Traditions Rally is for, amirite?)

Big 12 Domination

The past four seasons have been historic.  It's been an absolute blessing to be a Baylor fan recently, and with the recruits we're bringing to campus, it might be safe to say this success will continue.

High-fiving the RG3 Statue

......maybe it's just me.  But the statue's left hand is perfectly poised for high-fiving potential.  It's an offer some of us can't seem to refuse.


Stoked for next season yet?



--XOXO, KimboSmash