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2014-2015 Baylor Athletics Top Moments / Highlights

Relive the greatest moments from this past year in Baylor Athletics.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 2014-2015 athletic season for Baylor Athletics saw the opening of the Palace on the Brazos, another Big 12 Championship in football, the continued dominance of our women's basketball program, a national championship Acrobatics & Tumbling, and runners-up trophies in Women's Golf and Equestrian, among other things like continued success in the NFL Draft, another Tournament run for the Men, etc.  It was a banner year in virtually every respect where even the programs that didn't perform all that well (and there aren't many) made moves designed to reinvigorate their programs and excite their fanbases.  In the video below, Baylor Athletics has collected the Top Moments from that season in one place for your consumption.  Enjoy it, and let us know what you think in the comments.

This prompts me to throw together a Top 10 list of moments from this season in the various sports, but feel free to give me yours in the comments or wherever you like!