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Baylor adds Louisiana Tech, Abilene Christian to Future Football Schedules

Well, it's not the HUGE step up we wanted...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

So this happened today, apparently:

It's a move that should give fodder to every possible side. If you think Baylor schedules too soft and simply won't change, you may be right! If it doesn't really bother you because you like having tune up games, yay! It's an equal-opportunity scheduling decision.

For my part, I don't see this as entirely a bad thing except to the extent is signals the complete lack of awareness of the Way Things Seem To Work in CFB, particularly after this year.  Louisiana Tech is no Incarnate Word, to be sure, but they're also not a P5 team that everyone wants to see, and we get to go to their place for one of those years. I understand the emphasis on scheduling locally and not wanting to travel long distances early in the season, but ...

Well, there it is.  We've got Louisiana Tech and Abilene Christian on our future schedules now, so you might as well brace yourselves for the haters to hate.

Man, we've got to get rid of that Incarnate Word game.  Seriously.