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Baylor WR Corey Coleman confirms he is leaving for the NFL Draft

After coming out with the seniors before today's game, Baylor WR Corey Coleman confirmed that he's going pro.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The news we've all been dreading, yet expecting, to hear about Baylor's record-breaking junior WR is true: Corey Coleman is going to ply his trade in the NFL next season.  He confirmed as much in the post-game press conference:

For my part, though I'm sad to see him go, I actually completely agree with Corey's decision.  Even if he came back for another year, it's unlikely that his stock would be any higher than it is right now, and there's no real reason to risk serious injury sticking around.  As much as I'd love see him catching TDs for us again next year with a healthy Seth Russell, this makes sense.  So I wish him the best in his decision, and it will be all that much sweeter watching him play his final game against whoever we get in the bowl.