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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Four

Only four teams played at the weekend. As such, there isn't much change from last week's rankings.

Jay Lee is faster than you.
Jay Lee is faster than you.
Vaughn Ridley

Oklahoma looked every part deserving of their top ranking as they ran all over the fiesty Mountaineers in Morgantown, Kansas won their second game of the season, and Kansas State looked decidedly un-Snyderlike in a loss to Auburn Luck.

For reference, here's last week's rankings.

10. Kansas Jayhawks (+0)

Sure, they won a game, but it's because they played Central Michigan. The 24-10 final score was the result of a horrendous offensive display on both sides. Look, the Jayhawks are just really bad at football, even the official account knows it. The rest of the season looks really poor for Weis and crew; I don't see them winning a game. The real question is if the university will continue to employee Weis at the end of the season.

9. Iowa St. Cyclones (+0)

The Cyclones didn't play this week. A smart choice. They get Baylor at home next week in a night game. Can they repeat 2011's upset of a national championship contender?

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+0)

In a surprising turn of events, the Red Raiders gave up exactly zero rushing yards in their game this weekend. Wait? You're telling me they had a bye week and that their run defense has more holes in it than a rope hammock? Oh...

7. Texas Longhorns (+0)

The Horns didn't lose and nobody was suspended or injured. It was a good week.

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+0)

Bye week = there's nothing to write about. Okie State stole basically all their traditions from Texas Tech, which just goes to show that Oklahoma is a far worse state than Texas.

5. TCU Horned Frogs (+0)

The classiest team in the Big 12 plays cross-town rival SMU in the Battle for the Iron Skillet. If the Frogs are worth their salt, they should crush the ponies and use the trophy to whip up a nice potato and $100 dollar bill omelette with gold flake shavings for breakfast on Sunday.

4. West Virginia Mountaineers (+0)

The 'Eers had the chance to upset the Big 12 Conference rankings. The stage was set, the stadium was striped, and Clint Trickett was removed from his hiding place in Amy's closet. The Fightin' Holgorsens stuck with the Okies for a while, but as with Alabama, the 'Eers could not finish out the game. While West Virginia is a pretty good team and really should be ranked in the Top 25, they need to learn how to finish games out before they can take that next step as a program. Nonetheless, Holgorsen has them headed in the right direction.

3. Kansas State Wildcats (+0)

Auburn is the luckiest darn team in all of college football. That being said, Kansas State had every opportunity to close this game out and knock off the Tigers. The vaunted Auburn defense only managed to put up 20 points in Manhattan, because Bill Snyder is a wizard and makes you completely forget your game plan and submit to his Snyderball. Sloppy errors and penalties were the downfall of the Snydercats as they played unlike Snyder teams normally do. Regardless, K-State still the talent to beat any team in the conference.

1b. Oklahoma Sooners (+0)

Do I believe the Sooners should currently be ranked higher in the polls the Bears? Yes. Do I think that Baylor is still the better team at this point? Yes. The Sooners looked mighty impressive in their victory at Morgantown, especially in the running game. Their quarterback and receivers aren't as good as Baylor's, but the defenses on both sides are very stout. November 8th will probably decide the conference title. Let's do this, Bears.

1a. Baylor Bears (+0)

Homer pick! The Bears are also darn good. #SicISU