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Robert Griffin III injures left ankle, carted off the field

Baylor great Robert Griffin III was carted off the sideline from the Redskins game against the Jaguars a few minutes ago with an apparent injury.

Patrick Smith

If you've been on Twitter the last few minutes, you've seen that Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III injured his left leg in a non-contact play against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Initial speculation suggested that it was his knee, the one that he didn't hurt two years ago, but the Redskins are now saying that it is his ankle.  That's what it looked like to me from the outset.

I'll update this thread as more information becomes available.  I'm generally relieved that it isn't the knee, but it's entirely possible that it might actually be his Achilles or the ankle, and those don't heel quickly if there is significant damage.  That's just speculation, though.

Update: The Redskins have ruled out RGIII's return for this game: