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First Edition of The ODB Weekly Score Recap

with yours truly.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the first ever edition of the ODB Weekly score recap! Where I recap in a video every Baylor touchdown and field goal from the previous week. This is not a chronological breakdown of the scores, or even a film room breakdown of the scoring plays, rather just an entertaining (or: hopefully entertaining) glimpse into what the Baylor offense did the week before.

A few things to note:

These will improve over time as I figure out a place to actually shoot in my tiny New York apartment vs just going against a white wall and I continue to build out a bunch of cool graphics and a solid intro. Basically what I am telling you is that while there is a huge difference between the first Our Daily Podcast to the most recent episodes, you can expect the same kind of improvement.

I hope that week to week this will become a staple piece of ODB content since we as contributors love to provide that for the community. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated and be sure to predict who you think will score first in the comments for a shout out in next week's video!

Sic 'Em!