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Baylor places 3 on Lombardi Rotary Award Watch List

After watching each other named to Watch List after Watch List over the last week, Baylor's trio of Drango, Hager, and Oakman can finally celebrate together.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Each year, the Rotary Lombardi Award is given to the nation's best lineman or linebacker, a curious conjunctive considering most linebackers don't really share all that much in common with most linemen.  Lumping the offensive and defensive linemen together, as the Outland does, makes at least a bit of sense, but linebackers with them, too?  That's a bit strange.

Regardless, Baylor had the three you'd probably predict named to yet another Watch List:

I don't know about you guys, but I have this feeling that when your LT, MLB, and DE are all being named to multiple Watch Lists, along with your QB, #1 WR, and #1 returning RB by yardage, you might be pretty good.

For a look at the entire List, which checks in at a mammoth 123 names, click here.  I'm not about to go through that parsing for Big 12 players.  Sorry.