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You have $25 to build the All-Time Briles Baylor Offense

This meme took the internet by storm a couple of weeks ago, so naturally, we're just getting to it now.

Sarah Glenn

If you're on Twitter, you've probably seen a few of those images floating around that put dollar amounts on athletes, singers, or musicians, and ask you to build something, say an NBA team, a rock group, or a hip hop ... troupe? with a set budget.  The first I remember seeing was the NBA team, and you had to choose how to spend $15 among the all-time greats (the correct answer, incidentally, is Stockton/Jordan/James/Dirk/Dream).  I immediately realized it was something I wanted to do for Baylor; I just didn't because my once-prodigious Photoshop skillz have atrophied into almost nothing.

But I'm not letting that stop me today.  Below, I've put together a list asking you to build the perfect Briles offense from players past and present.  Most of them, as you can imagine, are from the current era, arguably the best in the history of our program.  A few, however, are from the days of yore.  You have $25.  Spend it wisely.

For the purposes of this exercise, we're going to assume you're buying each player at their absolute best.  Tevin Reese, for example, was at his best early last year.  Terrance Williams was at his best as a senior in 2012.  And so on. Choose one unless otherwise specified.


5 -- Robert Griffin III
4 -- Bryce Petty OR Don Trull
3 -- Nick Florence
2 -- Neil Jeffrey
1 -- JJ Joe
-1 -- Dane King*
*You get a dollar back to use elsewhere.

Running Back:

5 -- Walter Abercrombie
4 -- Lache Seastrunk
3 -- Terrance Ganaway OR Ronnie Bull
2 -- Jay Finley OR Jerod Douglas
1 -- Ronnie Bull

Wide Receiver (choose any two):

5 -- Lawrence Elkins / Terrance Williams
4 -- Josh Gordon / Reggie Newhouse
3 -- David Gettis / Dominique Ziegler
2 -- Melvin Bonner  / Lanear Sampson
1 -- Trent Shelton / ROBERT QUIROGA*
*If you don't choose Robert Quiroga, you get a free Robert Quiroga, anyway.

Inside Receiver:

5 -- Kendall Wright
4 -- Gerald McNeil OR Tevin Reese
3 -- Ronnie Goodwin
2 -- Shaun Rochon
1 -- Levi Norwood

Tight End:

3 -- Ronnie Lee
2 -- Jordan Najvar
1 -- Justin Akers

Offensive Tackle

5 -- Mark Adickes
4 -- Jason Smith
3 -- Spencer Drango
2 -- James Ray Smith
1 -- Danny Watkins

Offensive Guard:

5 -- Bill Glass*
4 -- Cyril Richardson
3 -- Frank Ditta
2 -- Gale Galloway
1-- Ivory Wade
*Consensus AA OG in the 50s before playing in the NFL as a DE.


3 -- Willie Andrews
2 -- Kalief Muhammad OR Gerald McNeil
1 -- Robert Quiroga


Obviously, I didn't include every position on the offense.  You wouldn't, for example, get very far with just two offensive linemen.  You do have to choose a player from every category, and if you think I've left someone off in a horrific oversight, let me know in the comments.

Also, if you want to throw together an image with all this on there that we can distribute around the Twitterverse like the NBA one linked above, be my guest!