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NFL Draft 2014: How to Watch, TV Coverage, SBNation

Thought I'd lay things out a bit here with the Draft kicking off tonight so people know where and when things are happening.


Despite the fact that we are a college blog, we will be having an Open Thread tonight for the First Round of the 2014 NFL Draft.  The Draft itself kicks off at 7 PM Central with Houston on the clock, so our Open Thread will go live at 6:30.  Just so you guys know, as each Baylor player is picked I will be updating our StoryStream here on ODB with additional information.  Check those out whenever you get a chance.

As I mentioned yesterday, SBNation, the mothership for this and all the SBN blogs you love and enjoy, has a wealth of content available on this year's Draft.  It's probably the biggest collection of things the network has ever done.  That includes scouting reports, mock drafts, player rankings, and much, much more.  You can find all of it at the NFL Superhub.  I've also linked in the scouting reports below because they are amazing.

SB Nation 2014 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

As for the Draft itself, if you are going to be following on television, you have two options.  ESPN will of course be televising the Draft in its entirety for the umpteenth year in a row, as will the NFL Network.  If you get tired of one, switch to the other.  ESPN will have its standard cadre of "experts," including Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and so many others it will probably make CNN's squished together table full of pundits look somewhat less ridiculous.  Imagine that, except with humongous ex-players, for the most part, and you'll probably come close to what ESPN will have. 

Schedule-wise, the Draft kicks off tonight with Round 1.  Yes, that's an entire night dedicated to a single round of the Draft.  Tomorrow night, you'll get Rounds 2 and 3 starting at 6 PM Central, then the whole thing finishes up on Saturday starting at 11 PM Central with Rounds 4-7.

Also, SBNation is now hosting pre- and post-Draft live shows online for each day of the Draft.  I've ported that link directly into the page here at ODB, but I will also post it below.

It should be a fun couple of days.  I hope everyone is ready to see the next wave of Baylor Bears introduced to the NFL stage, and I wish the best of luck to our guys!