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Tuesday Poll Question: Who Leads the 2014-15 Baylor Bears in rushing?

Art Briles' offense is known for putting up big numbers on the ground as well as through the air. Who will be the latest beneficiary?

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Quite a few people seemed surprised when I noted last week that Baylor has a 1,000-yard rusher in each of the last four seasons: Jay Finley in 2010, Terrance Ganaway in 2011, and Lache Seastrunk in both 2012 and 2013. We actually nearly had two both last year and in 2012, when Rashodrick Linwood and Glasco Martin finished just 119 and 111 yards short, respectively.  Contrast that with Texas, who despite their lineage has not had a single rusher top 1,000 yards since 2007.

With the past as our prologue, it seems reasonable to me to forecast that one member of our three-headed monster at RB for this coming season will probably go over 1,000 yards again.  The question is: which?  Below is a chart showing what all but one of our returning options at RB did in 2013.  The one missing is Johnny Jefferson, who redshirted this past year.  The first name in the chart is the aforementioned Shock Linwood, the virtual incumbent at the position.  He and Devin Chafin, the second on the list, are both sophomores this coming season.  Full disclosure: I was a bit surprised to see that Bryce Petty had so many carries last season.  You can't get 14 rushing TDs without toting the pill a few times, I guess.

Rushing Receiving Scrimmage
Player Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
Rashodrick Linwood 128 881 6.9 8 4 19 4.8 0 132 900 6.8 8
Bryce Petty 94 209 2.2 14 94 209 2.2 14
Devin Chafin 51 295 5.8 4 51 295 5.8 4
Seth Russell 24 147 6.1 3 24 147 6.1 3
Antwan Goodley 6 33 5.5 0 71 1339 18.9 13 77 1372 17.8 13
Andrew Frerking 2 3 1.5 0 2 3 1.5 0
Robbie Rhodes 1 8 8.0 0 10 157 15.7 0 11 165 15.0 0
Peni Tagive 1 3 3.0 0 1 3 3.0 0
Lynx Hawthorne 1 -1 -1.0 0 2 14 7.0 0 3 13 4.3 0
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Generated 5/6/2014.

In the poll below and the comments below that, tell me which of the options presented you think will lead Baylor in rushing in 2014.  Last year's team had a grand total of 626 rushing attempts (which I believe includes 22 sacks allowed), about 30 more than in 2012 and 50 more than 2011.  That is definitely a program record.  It seems unlikely that we will break that record again this coming season with a senior QB and our stable of receivers, but something at or around 600 (like in 2012) is probably right.  Lache Seastrunk led the team with 158 carries followed by Linwood's 128.

One thing to keep in mind for 2014 is that with Anthony Webb's injury keeping him out the entire season, Baylor only has 4 scholarship RBs, the three above plus true freshman Terence Williams, on the entire roster.  We've moved Peni Tagive to RB to provide depth, but that probably means we're going to be breaking 600 carries primarily between 4 guys, possibly 5 if we don't redshirt Williams.*  That's a lot of carries to split up, meaning the potential exists for not only a 200-carry back but perhaps a 150-carry back, in addition.  In our offense, that's a lot of potential yardage.

*My guess is that you see Seth Russell and/or Chris Johnson get more playing time this year to prepare for 2015, but I don't think it will be more than 40 or so carries between them unless we're laying waste to teams again.

Also, because I love it:

I'll reveal my vote in the comments. It may not be who you expect.