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CBSSports Previews Baylor's 2015 Draft Class

Baylor with three potential first rounders in 2015? CBSSports' Dane Brugler says maybe, with LT Spencer Drango leading the way.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Just two weeks after we took our own first look here at ODB at Baylor's potential 2015 NFL Draft class, CBSSports' Dane Brugler listed his Top 5 Baylor Bears for the same purposes.  The first four names are relatively obvious, though the order may not have been.  The fifth is somewhat less so.  I have to say that I am exceedingly glad to see the fifth member of this group get that kind of recognition, even if it means someone else, like a Troy Baker or Bryce Hager, didn't make the cut.  The list, absent Brugler's annotations.

1. OT Spencer Drango
2. DE Shawn Oakman
3. QB Bryce Petty
4. WR Antwan Goodley
5. WR Levi Norwood

At this point, I feel like a consensus of sorts has emerged about the first four names on this list, with Goodley as the clear #4.  The order in which you list the first three is mostly preference based on what kind of system you run (offense for Petty, defense for Oakman).  I share Brugler's opinion that Oakman seems to fit best as a 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme, and it's something I've advocated for repeatedly over the last couple of years.

Levi Norwood is the fifth member of the Brugler's list, and the one I least expected to see.  To be sure, there weren't that many options after Norwood, Hager, or Baker, but it's good nonetheless to see an underrated part of Baylor's offense get the recognition he deserves.

Below, I've placed a poll (just for fun) about Baylor's 2015 draft class.  Let me know who you think will go first among the Bears likely to leave and why.