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Crowdsourcing Programming for the Baylor Bear Network

It's Wednesday afternoon, and we don't have much going on. Let's make a fictional Baylor sports network and stock it with original content.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, I was surprised to find out on that on the Longhorn Network, something that supposedly exists and is paid for by willing customers, Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido has a cooking show.  I thought it was a joke at first.  It's not.  And if you think about it, it starts to make more sense.  You can only show Ricky Williams' 1998 highlights or the roundtable with Vince Young and the 2005 BCS title team so many times.  At some point, you need filler.  Augie Garrido's cooking show is that filler, as ridiculous as it sounds.

As ridiculous as it is, though, it got me thinking about prospective Baylor-centric filler programming, should we at some point decide to make the greatest network in the history of sports, the Baylor Bear Network.  Just a few ideas we've already batted around:

  • "McClennan Nights" -- A buddy cop show where Jim Gush (LBs coach) and Shawn Oakman solve mysteries in and around Waco.
  • "Brother Bears" -- A "Little Giants"-esque serial where Briles coaches a Waco Pop Warner team full of misfits and castoffs that other teams didn't want.  If the Cowboys thing doesn't work out, bring Ahmad Dixon back as an assistant coach on that team.
  • "Buckets" -- A half-hour show called "Buckets" where various Baylor Basketball players take turns dunking on Matt Wilson.  Pair it with a recap show where we break down the dunks and Matt's reactions thereto.
  • Daily Affirmations with Coach Kaz -- (h/t The Hammer) -- Coach Kaz talks about life, love, and workin' out, ensuring that you feel good about yourself and what you can accomplish.
  • The Hype Hour with Ted Harrison -- (h/t Ted) -- Ted makes awesome videos, you watch them, everybody gets turnt.
  • "Fanky Fresh Tailgating Hour" -- Fankhauser shows you what tailgating (or sailgating?) is all about.  He could do live reports from each week of the season of the best tail/sailgaters Baylor has to offer.
  • "Phil Reacts" -- (h/t Conner) -- A roundtable of young people talks to Phil Bennett about these newfangled contraptions and the music of today, gets his reaction.  What does Phil think about One Direction?  Don't you want to know?
  • "Real Respect Real" -- We have to figure out a legal way to get Brian Ethridge to talk on TV about recruiting.

That's just a few ideas, none of which are probably any good.  Give me your suggestions in the comments and let's put this together!  #BBN