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Report: Baylor WR Robbie Rhodes arrested Friday on drug charges

The Waco Tribune-Herald is reporting that budding star Robbie Rhodes was arrested Friday for charges related to the possession of marijuana.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Baylor fans are finding out why you don't necessarily cheer when rivals have legal problems, as former-5* and upcoming sophomore WR Robbie Rhodes was reportedly arrested Friday for, as the Waco Tribune-Herald reports, "tampering with physical evidence and possession of marijuana."  Without any inside information, my guess is that means he was found with marijuana that he then attempted to get rid of somehow, and they caught him doing it.

Since the story just broke a few minutes ago, something I marvel at slightly given that the arrest occurred early this morning, we don't yet have a statement from Baylor.  As we all know with the situations involving past players like Josh Gordon, whose misadventures eventually cost him a spot at Baylor, marijuana-related charges aren't exactly uncommon.  Also, while I in no way intend to minimize the allegations against him, I'd rather it be something with marijuana than a much more serious offense.

Rhodes has long been an ODB favorite since signing with the Bears in 2013, and was reportedly one of the biggest stars of this past spring.  I don't think it's overstating things to say that a lot of people were expecting big things from the sophomore wide receiver.  For now, we'll have to wait to see what kind of punishment Baylor metes out, which I'm sure won't be definitive until the situation plays out a bit.  The Trib online article mentions that when they contacted Briles for comment, he indicated that he hadn't heard anything about it before then.  That is also more than a bit surprising.

We'll keep you posted, regardless.