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Baylor Football 2014 Spring Practice: Questions Answered

Now that Baylor's 2014 Spring Practices are over and the team has adjourned until the summer, we can answer a few of the more pressing questions from weeks ago.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Back about three weeks ago, when the spring had yet to be sprung and we were all slightly younger men and women, I posed a series of questions relating to position battles and the like with Baylor Football.  With so little else going on these days, it's about time we answered them.

Firstly, many of the questions we had about how things would eventually shake out with respect to the Depth Chart were settled (for the most part) when Baylor released the Post-Spring Depth Charts I've had pinned to the front page for a while.  You can also view the entire .pdf on  Let's get to the questions:

Offensive Line:

Who plays C? The battle at center between Kyle Fuller and Blake Muir was one to watch throughout the spring before Muir went down late with an injury.  Now the depth chart shows him moving to LG to compete there with LaQuan McGowan and a Fuller/Tyler Edwards combo at center.  My guess is that Fuller starts at center this fall, his sophomore year.

Who plays LT? Spencer Drango, thank God.

Will McMountain kill someone or something, like maybe a losing stallion after a failed joust? Can't be ruled out at this point.  I won't say it's probable, but it's still plausible.

Will he take over from Shawn Oakman as the most physically imposing human I've ever seen? This is like being made to choose a favorite Ninja Turtle.  There is no objectively correct answer (aside from  Michelangelo, obviously).

Defensive Line:

We've shown a three-man line in the past in this type of scrimmage. Will we do it again? If we did it in the scrimmage, I didn't see it.

Who is rotating on the second team with K.J. Smith? ODB's favorite elusive former-4* recruit had the honor in the scrimmage, but that was apparently only because Boise transfer Samuel Ukwuachu was out for the spring with a torn pectoral muscle.  He should be 100% for the fall.

Where is Brian Nance? See above.  He got a sack in the scrimmage and looks like a completely different player than when he arrived.  Remember, this is his redshirt freshman year, it just seems like he's been here forever.


Who starts at OLB? Taylor Young in the scrimmage, Aiavion Edwards in the updated Depth Charts.  My money is still on Grant Campbell eventually, though if Edwards is truly an option there, he might be the one to watch.

NB? Senior Collin Brence is listed as the starter there backed up by sophomore Patrick LevelsKiante' Griffin, my player to watch at this position, apparently underwhelmed in the overall accounting and is rumored to have disciplinary issues in practice.

Does Aiavion Edwards have the ability to fly his name would suggest? He did when intercepting a Bryce Petty pass pre-scrimmage.


Who starts opposite Xavien Howard? Ryan Reid in the scrimmage, Terrence Singleton in the charts.  This is one people have questioned in retrospect since Singleton played so much safety this spring.  Look for Reid to make a push to reclaim a starting spot.

Assuming we line up with Goodley on one side and Jay Lee or Rhodes on the other, do they put Howard on Goodley or try to use his size against a bigger receiver? From what I saw, we did not switch corners based on matchups.  Doesn't mean we won't.

Is Tion Wright as fast as they say? Looked pretty fast.  I liked him a lot covering down the field.


Antwan Goodley, Corey Coleman, Levi Norwood, and who as our starters? Looks like Jay Lee and Robbie Rhodes (ROBBIE RHODES) are splitting the honors there. Rhodes looked good in the scrimmage; Lee, slightly less good but still good.  Quan Jones, not good.

Who is the first DB to get run over by Tre'Von Armstead in the open field? I saw three of them get planted at once, but I don't know their names.

O/U 2 for Corey Coleman TDs? Under, as in zero.  It don't matter.


Do we have one, or are we going to be better off just eschewing field goals completely? Pooch kicks: are they still going to be a thing?

I have no idea.

While we're here, I also want to point out that I went 4/5 on Young Players to Watch before the spring, missing only on the aforementioned Griffin.  I'm still not sure what happened there.  Johnny Jefferson is a name you should just write down now.  He's going to be a stud.