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Details on the 2014 Spring Scrimmage and Brainstorming an ODB Meet-Up

Baylor Football ends its 2014 Spring Practice slate with a live scrimmage this Saturday, April 5, starting at 11 AM. Will you be there?

Ronald Martinez

I've mentioned a few times around the board that I intend to attend the Spring Scrimmage this coming weekend and would be interested in meeting as many ODBers as possible at the event. The Scrimmage, which is totally free to the public, starts at 11:00 AM at the Highers Complex. If the crowd is anything like the Meet the Bears event this past fall, I'd get there as early as possible to find a close parking spot at the Ferrell Center for the walk over. More info via Baylor Football on twitter:

The real reason I made this post, since you've probably already seen that infographic several times, is to gauge interest in an ODB meetup of some kind either at the Scrimmage itself or shortly thereafter. To do so, we should probably talk about who is going before we see if anyone is interested in meeting there. If you're a member of Baylor's 247Sports site, they're doing a meetup of their own that you could also attend if you didn't know about it already.

In the poll below, let us know if you are planning to make it to Waco this weekend and would be interested in having lunch with an ODB crew or something similar after. My goal is to be in town some time around 10:30 with the Seymour clan, in case you were wondering.