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Monday Poll Question: Baylor as "Second-Chance U" for Dorial Green-Beckham

Almost as soon as the news broke Friday that former #1 recruit Dorial Green-Beckham had been dismissed from the Missouri football team, rumors that he might turn up at Baylor began.

Grant Halverson

Almost two years ago, when Baylor welcomed incoming transfers Shawn Oakman (Penn State) and Darryl Stonum (Michigan) into the program, people started questioning whether our coaching staff had gone too far in its attempts to find players at the expense of the program's integrity. When asked, Briles responded with one of my favorite Brilesisms:

"Let's find the good in people. We're in the kid-saving business. And, along the way, they're gonna love Baylor."

At the time, I said on this board that I believed Briles had managed in just three sentences to encapsulate what Baylor is supposed to be better than perhaps anybody I'd ever heard. His was the perfect summation of the idea that everyone deserves a second chance, and our staff was committed to giving it to them if at all possible. That his faith in Stonum and Oakman, the former who was just here for one year and the latter who will start this coming season as one of the best defensive players in the conference, was rewarded by model behavior just made the whole thing even better.

The reason I bring this up now involves Dorial Green-Beckham, the former #1 overall recruit in the country in the class of 2012, and his dismissal from Missouri's football team in circumstances that are, at best, extremely disconcerting, at worst, potential grounds for incarceration.

Because DGB played just two seasons at Missouri, he is unable for inclusion in this year's NFL Draft (the deadline for entry has long since passed, anyway) or the Supplemental Draft, which you may remember was how Josh Gordon entered the league after transferring to Utah and then sitting out his transfer season. That opens up the possibility that he will transfer somewhere, either to FCS to play immediately before entering the Draft in 2015 or to another FBS school with the intention of sitting out then playing (setting himself up for the 2016 Draft) or sitting out, practicing, and then entering the Draft in 2015, anyway.

The poll below asks how you feel about the possibility, which I should note is at this point unlikely even to be that since we haven't heard anyone reputable report potential transfer destinations yet, that DGB comes to Baylor. I've made it a simple question-- "Do you want DGB to transfer to Baylor?"-- with three possible answers. Please expound on your answer in the comments if you wish. If you think it's the wrong question, please say so.