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Corey Coleman and the Offense Dominate First #SpringBU Scrimmage

I'm beaming like a proud papa tonight on the news that sophomore WR Corey Coleman ripped the defense to shreds in the first scrimmage of 2014.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor Football held the first of (maybe) three scrimmages today at the Highers Athletic Complex before releasing players for Spring Break. has a full wrap of the event, which was, as so often is the case, dominated by the First Team offense.

More than a few players, including WRs Antwan Goodley, Levi Norwood, and Davion Hall, missed today's scrimmage, but that didn't seem to hold back QBs Bryce Petty, Seth Russell, and Chris Johnson.  Petty went 14-18 for 210 yards and 2 TDs at the helm of the First Team offense with both TDs going to the aforementioned Corey Coleman (2 catches, 112 yards, 2 TDs), while Russell had a bit tougher of a day, going 7-15 for 90 yards and 1 TD to junior WR Jay Lee.  Throwing with what I assume was the Third Team offense (but might have been the second?), Johnson went 3-4 for 72 yards.

Johnny Jefferson got the most work on the ground with 12 carries for 65 yards, followed by Devin Chafin with 5 for 47, newcome Terence Williams with 9 for 35, and Rashodrick Linwood with 4 for 18.  My guess is that Linwood and Chafin split carries with the first team, while Jefferson and Williams ran with the 2s and 3s, respectively.  I'm not 100% sure on that, obviously, but it makes sense.

On the defensive side, the highlight of the day was apparently DE-turned-DT-turned-DE Javonte Magee, who registered 2 sacks.  Both of them came against Seth Russell and the second team offense.  That would seem to indicate that Magee played at least some with the first team offense if the scrimmage followed the normal 2v1, 1v2, 3v3 format, but it is possible they went 1v1, 2v2, and the like.  I'm leaning toward the latter since at one point, Shawn Oakman caused a fumble that was recovered by Jamal Palmer.  They'd have to be playing together to accomplish that feat.  The defense as a whole registered 10 sacks, a number that optimists will find encouraging and pessimists extremely scary.  Ahmad Dixon's replacement at safety, Orion Stewart, led the way with 8 tackles, followed by redshirt freshman Taylor Young with 7.  ODB favorite Brian Nance got on the board with 4 tackles and a sack, information I'm sharing because I knew someone would ask.

Check out all the stats and the quotes in Baylor's official recap.  They are definitely worth the read.  At this point, it's probably too early to take anything solid away, since we're still in the first week of spring practice and missing so many players.  The only thing I really look for is pairings and the potential impact on the depth chart.  Russell throwing to Lee, for example, demonstrates that Lee ran, at least today, with the Second Team offense.  He seems to have been supplanted by sophomore Robbie Rhodes, as evidenced by his 22-yard catch from Petty with the First Team.

Oh, and I see your 19-yard reception Tre'Von Armstead, you beast.  I would bet almost anything that he starts at TE this year barring injury.  Again, because he's a beast.