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Baylor Football Pro Day Open Thread

Beginning in less than 10 minutes, Baylor Football will take its Pro Day online in its entirety for the first time in program history.


It's that time again, ladies and gents, for Baylor's potential draftees to show their stuff in the most favorable environment imaginable, surrounded by coaches and teammates inside familiar facilities.  It's their last real chance to show what they have before the NFL Draft in April.

Click on the link above to go to the live stream on BaylorBears.  I don't believe the actual festivities are scheduled to start until 10:00, so there will be a period of introduction and so forth.  You should get a good look at who will be participating and, if you know your NFL scouts/front office types, who is there to watch.  From what I understand, we should see everyone you might expect except senior LB Eddie Lackey, who is still working his way back from injury.

I'll be posting updates in the comments throughout the day as times/workouts happen.  There should be a pretty good crowd there today since I don't think any other major schools are going at the same time.  We'll see!