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Shawn Oakman To Return for Senior Season

In a surprising move, Junior Defensive End Shawn Oakman announced this morning that he will return for the 2015 season.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Huge news coming this morning: During morning interviews, Shawn Oakman informed the media that despite the speculation that he will be a first round draft pick, the defensive end will forego the draft and return to Baylor for his senior season in 2015. The news immediately made wide circulation on Twitter, including this tweet from Tim O'Donnell of KXXV Channel 25 out of Waco:

This is tremendous news, as the general consensus was that Oakman would enter the draft, especially given the speculation that he would be a first round pick, possibly being a high pick on the first day of the NFL Draft in May. Oakman's return would mean that the defensive line for Baylor remains largely intact for 2015, thrilling news for fans of the Baylor Bears and horrific news for their opponents. The Bears lose a small number of starters on the defensive side of the ball. One more year under Coach Phil Bennett could help Oakman develop further when the knock on him seems to be that he is raw.

That being said, there were some tweets that suggest that this decision may not be 100% set in stone. Paul Catalina, co-host with David Smoak of You Make The Call on ESPN 1660 Central Texas tweeted the following:

Interesting, if somewhat cryptic. We'll keep tabs on the story throughout the day and update you on further developments.