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The Best of Baylor Christmas (So Far)...

Baylor Nation showed up big for Christmas this year with green and gold presents galore. Here are a few of the best.

I put out the call this morning for Baylor-themed presents and gifts from this Christmas, and I was not disappointed.  Before we get to that, though, FSSW decided to give all of us a present with a Big 12 No Huddle mini-marathon:

Now to the presents.  These are just the best ones I've gotten so far, and there could be more I haven't seen.  If you sent me yours on Twitter and I missed it, my apologies!  (I'm also including others I've seen that weren't actually sent to me.)

Boots were a common theme this year, apparently. We'll see another pair soon. Tell me which ones you like better in the comments.

Here's the second pair. I have to admit, this might be a little much for me.

I'm still taking submissions and will update the post when/if I get them. I'll tell you this: it's going to be really hard to beat our final gift.


ALSO -- I had a ton of people send me pictures of their Cotton Bowl tickets, but I don't want to put any up here in case someone tries to steal the barcodes.*  But that was obviously the most popular Baylor gift of all this year.

*But I did crop one to include as the header image above.