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Big 12 Releases 2015 Conference Schedules

Without the pomp and circumstance of a nine-hour special on a proprietary network, the Big 12 Conference released 2015 schedules a few minutes ago, including that of our Baylor Bears.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Over on, the Conference has now released the full 2015 schedules for football.  We, of course, are almost solely interested in our own, embedded below.

Overall, I like this schedule quite a bit.  We have back-to-back road games against Oklahoma State and TCU that should, according to their whims of the moment, help us with the CFB Playoff Committee, and we finish with what could be a marquee matchup on Conference Championship Saturday with Texas at home.  That will be the third year in a row (at least) we get a home game for the final weekend.  A couple of things to note:

  • We get a bye for the day before Halloween leading into a Thursday night game at Kansas State.  That's going to be very tricky, but the bye that week should be early enough not to piss off Brady Quinn.
  • Our first four games all look extremely manageable with Tech in Arlington, at Kansas, and then West Virginia and Iowa State in Waco.
  • What that means, though, is that our schedule is backloaded again with @KSU, OU, @OSU, @TCU, and UT the rest of the way.  Three of our last five on the road could be a little daunting, to be sure.
  • The TCU game will be Friday, November 27.  That's the day after Thanksgiving.  Make a note of that now.

Give me your thoughts in the comments.  Another couple of notable games from the rest of the conference include Bedlam on Thanksgiving weekend and OU-Texas on October 10.