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Full Speed Fridays: Baylor Football Offseason Tracker

If you're not already following Baylor Football's official Athletic Performance account, you're doing it wrong. It's #FullSpeedFriday time!

This is the only photograph in the archives containing Kaz Kazadi.
This is the only photograph in the archives containing Kaz Kazadi.
Sarah Glenn

One thing I wanted to do last year that passed me by until it was too late was create a running thread for Baylor's Full Speed Friday results akin to that of our monthly recruiting threads.  The idea is to document how our players are improving so that when it comes time to actually practice and/or play football again, we know where they are.  Since #FullSpeedFriday (the hashtag used on twitter) started this morning, there is no better time.

That's the account you need to follow if you're interested in knowing what's going on.  I don't know exactly who writes the tweets on it, just like we don't know with Coach Briles' account, but I strongly believe it is not Baylor S&C Coach Kaz Kazadi, simply because humanity has not yet constructed a device that can withstand his countenance.  His phone would be more likely pulverized to dust than actually tweet anything except "OH MY GOSH, HE'S LOOKING AT M---."

Anyway, in the profile embedded above you can see today's results, which include backup QB Seth Russell throwing down a 41.6" vertical jump, Terrence Singleton "Freaky T" just behind him at 40", and so on.  Apparently, 20 different players had verticals over 35", which is roughly the height of a standard office desk or Nick Saban, one inch shorter than a yardstick.

As we go through the year, I'll be compiling and posting the results here.  Check back every Friday!