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Art Briles sets the record straight?

I phrased that as a question on purpose because I have no idea what is or isn't happening at this point.

Christian Petersen

So this just happened:

Were I to try to express to you what I've heard/not heard recently about what BMDs (big money donors) and others are thinking/not thinking, it would make zero sense, we'd all get even more confused, and little, if any, good would come from it. The timing of this tweet is curious, at best, considering the latest rumors that popped up last night (Briles has an agent now? Simpson/McLane are pissed?). Can we believe this is the definitive statement so many have wanted? Should we? How will it be construed/misconstrued going forward? What prompted Briles (and I really think this one was him) to say something this morning? Is this not just a restatement of everything he's said in the past?

I'm so exhausted by this story that I want it to end, but I'm intrigued by it, as well. I won't deny that at all. If you couple this with the latest news that UT may be focusing on Jim Mora (please do that!), it seems like we might be able to rest easier. But the line between wishful thinking and truth is rarely clear, especially when dealing with something where people have significant vested interests.

Judging from the reactions on twitter (and this happened about 10 minutes ago as of this writing, so it's an extremely preliminary analysis), people seem to believe this is a statement of intent despite the fact that it is worded in the present tense (grammar parsing, yay!). I've seen a lot of celebration, a lot of excitement, and that's cool, I guess. I just don't know what to believe considering this doesn't seem to be much of a departure, if any at all, from what he's said in recent days/weeks. Maybe the fact that it is public (on twitter) makes more of a difference than I'm thinking. It is worth noting that Briles' tweet came on the heels of this from John McClain:

What a mess/awesome situation? I'll update this post as more info becomes available.